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What’s the Best WordPress Security Plugins? Sucuri vs. Wordfence vs. MalCare.

By simon

25th October 2019

9 min read

Looking for the best WordPress Security Plugins? Well, you should be as WordPress website security is a real problem on the internet.

Every day Google blacklists over 10,000 websites for the use of malware and phishing.

Malware is a piece of software that has been written with the intent of stealing your data and harming your computer.

Phishing is another way to try and steal your data through the use of emails and online identity theft.

If you get your website hacked can cause real issues for you and your potential revenue. Hackers can steal passwords and install malware to spy on your activity.

In fact, there are over 37,000 websites are hacked every day.

But don’t worry, there are some things you can do yourself to protect your site. Such as, keeping your website updated, having strong passwords, and making sure you use an excellent host.

However, there are several security plugins you can use to help you.

In this post, we will consider probably the best three that are currently helping to secure 1000’s of websites already.

Securi WordPress Security

Securi is one of the top website security companies in the world. 

Like other security companies, it has developed a top-class WordPress plugin that can be installed to protect your website from malware and hackers.

The software in the plugin will;

  • Remove malware from a hacked website
  • Remove you from any blacklist
  • Help you access your website if you get locked out due to a malware attack.
  • Stop hacking attacks

It will continuously monitor and scan your site to ensure its safety and some of the features are:

Security notifications to you.

Checklist of actions for you to carry out if it suspects an attack.

Monitor blacklist sites to ensure you are not blacklisted anywhere.

Remote scanner to scan your site for any malware attacks.

It detects any changes to any files on your website.

It logs all security activities related to your website.

If you opt for the Pro version of the plugin, you also get Securi’s anti-virus firewall. This actively screens all your website traffic and will defend your site from any virus attacks.

Wordfence Security Plugin

Wordfence Security is also a very popular WordPress security plugin.

It purports to protect over 3 million websites worldwide.

Like Securi, it comes with a free and paid version.

The Wordfence plugin is a powerful plugin and comes with many features, even in the free version.

You can easily configure the plugin to work how you want on your website. It comes with a set of features such as;

WordPress Firewall – it comes with a web-based firewall that identifies and blocks any malicious traffic. It also limits login attempts and ensures you are using strong passwords.

One of the significant difference with the Wordfence firewall is that it is what they call an ‘End Point Firewall’ as opposed to a ‘Cloud Firewall’

A Cloud firewall is another companies server and is located in their data centre. So your traffic passes over the internet from your visitors to the company data centre then back to your website.

An ‘Endpoint’ firewall is different in that it runs on the actual server it is protecting. The traffic is routed directly from your site visitors to your server. 

This gives you total control over your firewall, and others do not share it.

Wordfence runs on your server and cannot be bypassed.

WordPress Scanner – the plugin comes with a scanner that checks all your core files, themes, and other plugins for spam and code injections.

It will monitor live traffic and any hack attempts on your website, showing you the IP address and country of attack origin.

Malcare Plug-In

Malcare is probably not as well known as the other two plugins.

Its main selling feature is that it will remove any malware instantly on discovery.

Being a cloud-based service, it proposes that it will not have any impact on the load speed of your website.

It offers all the main security features the other offer, such as password protection, firewall protection, and advanced-level security features.

Malcare will also fix a hacked website instantly. It has a fully automated malware removal tool that can be easily used by any user.

Which WordPress Security Plugins Shall I Buy?

In order to make a purchasing decision on a security plugin like our three heroes above, let us compare them.


On the factor of price, the likely monthly spend on Wordfence and Malcare is around $9. For Securi, you are looking at approximately $25 monthly.

Web Application Firewall

All three offer a web application firewall, but Malcare is the only plugin where it comes for free. The other two you have to pay.

Malware Scan

All three plugins give you free malware scanning.

Block Brute Force & File Integrity

Lucy for you, these features are included in all three and come as part of this WordPress Security plugin.

Audit Log

You get an audit log from both Wordfence and Securi but not from Malcare.

Hardening Help

Hardening help is giving your website various levels of protection across multiple levels of your website. It is included in Securi and Malcare but not Wordfence.


You also need to think about what happens if your website is attacked or hacked – who will help you put it right again? Wordfence does not offer that feature. However, you can access remediation on both Securi and Malcare at a cost.

WordPress Security Plugins Conclusion

There is no doubt that it is good practice to install a security plugin on your WordPress website to ensure the safety of your site.

The three plugins that we compare here will all give you levels of security that will keep your website safe.

There are obviously features that you will have to pay out for.

It is a case of deciding which ones are important to you and your site’s continuing operating health.

You’ll find that all of these WordPress Security Plugins are easy to access and install on your WordPress site – so there is no excuse not to get protected today.


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